Commercial Equipment

Fitness HQ can supply all of your commercial rated equipment needs from our growing list manufacturers displayed here.

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  • Matrix

    We built our reputation with our industry-leading cardio and strength products, but we stake it on our ability to provide solutions tailored to our customers. We strive to anticipate needs and fill them better than any of our competitors. We constantly innovate our products and processes. We study the markets we serve so that we really understand what can make a difference for our clients. We partner with the best, most innovative fitness companies in the world in an effort to provide the fullest suite of products to fit any facility or budget.

  • Legend Fitness

    Legend Fitness is an international fitness equipment manufacturer based in East Tennessee. With Legend equipment you can select from many different colors and upholstery.  Match your school colors or your personal choice.    If you don't see the legend product in this catalog, call us for an appointment to view the Legend Catalog.

  • Landice

    Commercial Fitness

    Landice has placed over 100,000 treadmills and elliptical machines in the harshest commercial environments around the world, where our fitness equipment has proven its strength and durability. Landice products are designed by a world-class development team whose innovation defines the leading edge of high-end fitness.
  • Vision Fitness

    Our equipment is built to withstand demanding environments without demanding too much of your time, energy or resources. With Vision Fitness, you get the reliability and value you need from an expert partner you can trust.

  • Spirit Fitness

    Since 1987, Spirit Fitness has been the premier developer and manufacturer of the highest quality cardiovascular exercise equipment on the market. Spirit continues to support these products more than ever today with an unparalleled motivation that always puts our customers first. Our commitment to our customer is priority one and therefore our products will always reflect that.

  • Legend Fitness

    Legend Fitness is an international fitness equipment manufacturer based in East Tennessee. The folks here are more likely to speak of pickup trucks than private jets and for decades we have brought the Southern sense of value and hard work to the strength and fitness equipment world.

    People here know the value of a dollar and of a job well done. As a result, we build everything right here in Knoxville, Tennessee instead of unloading it from a ship on the coast. From the simplest plate holder to the towering Pro Series Power Cage, our standards of detail and quality can be seen in every welded joint and powder-coated finish.