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We are inspired by your commitment to living your best life, and we support your efforts by making the best exercise equipment possible.

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  • Treadmill

    Get started in no time with a treadmill that is easy to assemble, easy to use and easy to store. You get to exercise on your terms, at home, whenever you like. You’ll never disrupt your household because our motors are exceptionally quiet, and you’ll get the perfect amount of flex and support with the exclusive three-zone cushioning system.

  • Ellipticals

    Burn more calories and sculpt your body with our power incline ellipticals

  • Exercise Bikes
    • Now your exercise bike can talk with your favorite fitness apps
  • Rower

    Work your whole body with the Oxford 5 rower. You’ll quickly find your rhythm because our folding rower uses air resistance for the smoothest, most natural motion. Keep track of your effort with just a glance by positioning the pivoting console for easy viewing. And you can grab a drink without breaking your form with front-panel storage that keeps your water within reach while you exercise.